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Projecting our forests into the future


About the MNS

The National Simulation Model (MNS) is an applied forestry research center created in 1989 whose mission is to develop advance forest inventory processing systems and growth and yield models to support sustainable management and increase the profitability of forest resources. We develop computational solutions for fast-growing forest plantations of Pino radiata, Eucalyptus globulus and Eucalyptus nitens. Furthermore, on 2021 research started for implementing growth models for native second-growth forests.

The MNS collaboratively maintains an extensive network of permanent plots and forestry trials, develops various lines of research to meet the needs of its members, markets the developed computer systems, and performs various services for forestry companies, public institutions, and forestry consultants as well as national and international forestry investors. The maintenance of a region-wide network of permanent plots and silvicultural trials, and development of diverse growth simulation models for operational use resulted from a fruitful long-term collaboration between private, public, and academic entities.

Currently the developed systems have also been implemented for Pino taeda and diverse Eucalyptus sp. plantations in Brasil, Uruguay and Argentina.