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Projecting our forests into the future



Since its inception, the National Simulation Model (MNS) has incorporated and promoted the membership of private, public, and academic institutions with the purpose of sharing resources and the results of this applied research initiative.

Forestry Companies

Companies from the private sector have collaboratively contributed the greatest amount of resources to maintain over the time a permanent work team, and to establish and to maintain a regionwide network of silvicultural trials and permanent plots.

456.000 ha.
68.500 ha.
43.000 ha.
48.000 ha.
Logo AF 2021_600x600
5.346 ha.
9.000 ha.

Public Institutions

The public sector has been represented since 2014 by the National Forestry Corporation (CONAF). This institution is technically supporting small and medium-sized forest owners in the country It is estimated that these forest landowners manage a heritage of about 500.000 hectares of fast-growing plantations and an important area of second-growth native forests with the highest productive potential.


The administration of this initiative has been located in the Faculty of Forestry Sciences of the Universidad de Concepción since 2006. Since 2017, the Austral University of Chile has been in charge of the Technical Directorate. Additionally, researchers from both universities as well as undergraduate and graduate students have been involved in developing specific projects.