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Projecting our forests into the future


Organizational structure

The MNS consists of three specialized units for the execution of the various activities planned annually and jointly with its member institutions.

Database Maintenance and Management

This unit coordinates and supervises the maintenance and measurement of the trials and permanent plots of the participating institutions, which provide information for developing simulation models. This unit participates in the training of field crews for the measurement of permanent plots. The data are captured electronically and stored in the MNS-Data Bank.

Forest Biometrics

This unit is responsible for developing new models and validating existing simulation models for operational use. They also evaluate new measurement techniques. Additionally, this unit continuously develops statistical models with the support of national and international consultants.

Computational Systems

This unit is responsible for the programming, improvement, and maintenance of computer systems developed by MNS. They advise associated institutions on incorporating these simulation models into their corporate systems.