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Projecting our forests into the future



MNS offers a series of products and services to support correct decision-making for evaluating forest plantations, define forest management regimes, and estimates of expected yields at product level at harvest age.


Commercial licenses are sold for temporary use with a minimum licensing period of one year. The computer tools available to commercialise licenses are INSIGNE, EUCASIM, and the Data Bank Management System. In the case of simulators, a module can be added for integrating a forest inventory processing system. The license includes permanent technical support in the areas of forest biometrics and computer systems.

Inventory Processing

Processing services are provided for various types of forest inventories: establishment, management allocation, pruning, thinning, and pre-harvest. The system also has functions for biomass and aerial carbon estimation.

Growth and Yield Projection

Based on inventory data, short-term (inventory update) or long-term growth and yield projections are made. The effect of pruning and thinning interventions on plantation growth can be simulated, and various logging schemes can be applied to estimate volumes at the product level.

Technical Assistance

National and international technical assistance is provided using the technology developed in growth modeling, evaluation of forest plantations applying sampling techniques, and estimation of carbon sequestration, as well as the design and establishment of silvicultural trials.

The MNS provides simulation and consultancy services to various groups in the forestry sector, including foreign investment funds, forestry companies, service companies, independent forestry consultants, and auditing companies. In this way, companies and institutions that are not members of the MNS can access the capabilities of growth and yield simulation systems developed.